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Maui Underground - World's in a Mess is Maui Underground's latest CD release and it is a masterful compilation of music that will have you singing to yourself all day long. With tunes ranging from trance to hip hop and funky world beat you'll feel uplifted and energized throughout the journey.


Steve Grimes new solo CD release, Labor Of Lovefeatures thirteen original songs,  an ensemble of genres from blues ,  and takes the listener on a musical roller coaster ride through New Orleans, Brazil, Maui, and the dark side of the moon.  On L.O.L.  Steve enlists the services of Jon Cleary and Hutch Hutchinson (both of Bonnie Raitt’s band) and Rick Vito of Mick Fleetwood’s band,  jazz great Larry Coryell, Pat Simmons of the Doobie Brothers, the late great Norton Buffalo, national dobro champ Rob Ickes, and HAPA’s Barry Flanagan. Preview Track

MUS087 Uncle Dirty
Celebrity Baby
1. Pants Down 2. Celebrity Baby 3. Faker (remix) 4.Vanessa (remix) 5. Old Fashioned Screw 6. Sex Change 7. Honomanu 8. Carter 9. FUP2 10. Alien in a Bottle (remix)
MUS088 Haiku Hillbilly's
Studio and Live 2008
With a broad repertoire of original material ranging from to sweet bluegrass to Allman Brothers-style rocking jams, the Haiku Hillbillys stand out as a unique presence on Maui's music scene.This versatile work showcases the talented group in a live and studio setting, with six tracks recorded at Charley's, two on Mana'o Radio and four in the studio.
... Jon Woodhouse - Maui Beat
MUS090 Jamallad `Global Citizen
a very impressive peace driven Reggae album with Afro pop and World elements. The tone of the album is highly positive and is a celebration of life. The arrangements are very active, especially the bass lines, nice harmonies courtesy of the songbird-esque backup singers. Jamallad's voice has a great throaty quality to it and fronts the talented band very effectively......
William and the Reviewer Team
MUS091 Mojo Gumbo
The songs in this collection flavored with spices of latin, blues, folk, R&B and New Orleans funk, span the three decades that songwriters Kennell, Collins and Grimes have know each other. But it was the mojo of Maui that reunited them and seasoned their collaboration on this debut CD ... Terry Hanson - Blue Suede News
MUS093 SoundWave
Nalu Kalana
Recorded Live on Maui, 1st May 2005
by Barry Shannon during a Club Mana'o Radio broadcast
from the Mana'o Radio Studio, KEAO-LP 95.1FM
SoundWave at the MACC, `Listen Here'
Georgia on my Mind
Anastasia & Gene Argel
At Last
Anastasia & Nils Rosenblad
Going to California
Anastasia & Nils Rosenblad
Mercy Mercy Me, The Ecology
Anastasia & Eddie Aviles

MUS095 Randall J. Rospond
A Place Between The Waters
... my translation of the Mississauga Indian name: OSHAWA .. where I was born
... it also alludes to the space between surf & waterfalls: HAIKU ... where my songs & I live, Aloha,

MUS096 From keeping "Aliens in a Bottle" to the horror of war, Uncle Dirty's musical stories convey emotions and feelings in simple terms that are relevant and reflective of today's world.

Whether it's issue is of a husband trying to improve his marriage, or, the utter disappointment and stupidity of a president and government out of touch with reality and the people who love this country that they're supposed to be serving, Uncle Dirty's choice of rock and roll expresses these ideas in a post Beatle and Frank Zappa style with characteristics of many other bands thrown in for a little spice.

Uncle Dirty is "PG" rated eclectic musical elixir for the world to enjoy
MUS097 "Maui Undeground 2"
This is the widely anticipated follow up to Maui Underground's first release.
This CD is fink rock acid jazz with a latin blues flavoring.
Returning for this exciting second release are : Dion Estes - Bass, Eduartdo "Tato" Melgar - Cungas & Bongos, Greg diPiazza - Vocals, Guitar, Harmonica, Keys, Percussion as well as Writer/Producer. Paul Bunuan - Sax, Mark Johnston - Organ & Piano and Indio - Drums.
Listen to:-

MUS098 Bradda Francis Super 'G'
consists of : Greg diPiazza (vocals, guitar, keyboard, drums & bass) , Kelly Covington (vocals), Joe Cano (electric & acoustic guitars), Middlejohn ( slide guitar), Daniel Paul (tablas), Paul Bunuan (sax), George Tavy (vibes and horn section), Gerry Davis appears on "Cryogenics".
This album is hip-hop, industrial rock & has been compaired to Nine Inch Nails & The Beasty Boys. Kelly & Greg combine their vocals to create a funky & soulful musical experience. While Joe adds his magical guitar playing & Middlejohn shows us why he's the best slide-player on Maui. Track 1 is an amazing cover of "Sunshine Of Your Love" (Cream).

Listen to:-

MUS099 Bradda Francis "Maui Undeground"
is a concept band with Greg diPiazza at the helm
using samples & live musicians , Greg creates styles ranging from

middle eastern to blues, latin to jazz, hip-hop to funk
This album features: Dustin Hengl - Muted trumpet & Flugal Horn, Eduardo Melgar - Cungas, Dion Estas - Bass, Greg diPiazza - Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Harmonica, Piano & Strings / Records & Produces
Listen to:-

Bradda Francis
"Paniolo Ghostriders"
Bradda Francis, it has been said, can play any tune named!!!
From authentic Hawaiian to an Elvis Prestley medley,
this album proves he is the consumate entertainer

Kairne - Debra Lyn
"The Country Knights Band"
Local Boy, Rob Loney met with Jon Melia in the eighties,
crossed paths with Herb Andrews, summer of 91 and
The Country Knights Band was complete.
This album features many local residents in guest spots
throughout the twelve tracks.

Currandera 2000
Curandera 2000 is an eclectic mix of latin rythmns
and natural sounds performed by Dr Nat and
many Maui guest artists

Heartsongs of the Universe
Heartsongs of the Universe reflect Dawn's celtic
roots and honor her aborigine and dolphin connections. These songs were beacons along her spiritual path and offer keys to an understanding of human evolution
by Dawn L. Ferguson

Midnight Rain - Cheryl Rae
Midnight Rain
by Cheryl Rae

Handprints In Stone
Handprints In Stone
by Cheryl Rae


Kairne:Celtic Origins is an acapella CD
of British Isles Favorites
with enviromentsl sounds
 by Debra Lyn


The Lo-Boy Studios/Maui presents


"Just a Taste"
Maui local guitar artist Middlejohn, gives us just that ...
a Taste of his talents with many supporting players.
Tracks recorded at Melody Line Studios and
Maui Recorders. Live tracks from a Manao Radio broadcast.
Copyright Vicand Pub, BMI. Recent Records 2004

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